John Maggiotto/ DBA-Gallery Photo

Providing Photographic services to artists for 26 years.

Slides and chromes are a thing of the past, beautiful color correct digital images are what artists need to present their work in websites, juried reviews and reproduction prints.   Examples

The New Nikon 810

All work is photographed with a 36 mega-pixel camera, flat field lenses, and where necessary, cross-polarized lighting. Your images are archived, with dimension details and media attached. Post-production in Adobe Lightroom produces perfect white balanced images in the file formats requested.

Artwork by David Barnett, Click on image to see more


The cropped archived image is normally 6000 pixels, and used for our giclee printing services. The artist/client receives two files for their use, one for email purposes (850 pixels on the long edge) and one for publication purposes (3300 pixels on the long edge) both are jpeg files sRGB at high quality.

2-D work under 100 inches brought to the studio is $35.00

3-D work, 3 views, in the studio is $75.00

Location work (your studio or gallery) is $300 minimum.

Travel and Set-up fees are $75 per hour. 

Giclee Printing and Pigment Prints

Gallery Photo produces the highest quality archival pigment prints (giclee) available. Using fiber based papers we can print up to the limits of our 44-inch wide printers (lengths vary 60,72, 90…).

Promotional prints with text are also available.

Postcard Production for announcements and direct mail

Website development and hosting

Call John to get a quote on your project 914 319-4590

John Maggiotto is the principle photographer.

Email him at, his cell phone is (914)319-4590 please use this only between 9am and 9pm for this purpose.

Past clients and projects

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